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Twitter Top 100

1.avatar Alexander Verbeek 🌍
Alex_Verbeek (Alexander Verbeek 🌍)
Institute for Planetary Security | Diplomat | SEI | SIWI | Yale World Fellow | Public Speaker | Photographer | Energy-Water-Food | resist |Climate change
2.avatar Ministerie van BZ
MinBZ (Ministerie van BZ)
Tweets van het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken 🇳🇱 | volg ook @247BZ | Tweets in English: follow @DutchMFA
3.avatar Netherlands 🇳🇱 MFA
DutchMFA (Netherlands 🇳🇱 MFA)
Tweets from the NL Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Voor tweets in het Nederlands volg @MinBZ
4.avatar Netherlands Embassy
NLintheUSA (Netherlands Embassy)
We tweet news about Dutch 🇳🇱 interests in the USA; culture, innovation, economic ties and more. Also follow our Ambassador @henneschuwer. #digitaldiplomacy
5.avatar Karel van Oosterom
KvanOosterom (Karel van Oosterom)
Permanent Representative to the United Nations for the Kingdom of the Netherlands: Your Partner for Peace, Justice and Development. See also @NLatUN
6.avatar Dutch Embassy Harare
NLinZimbabwe (Dutch Embassy Harare)
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Harare promotes partnerships through dialogue between Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and the Netherlands #minbuza
7.avatar Netherlands PermRep
NLatEU (Netherlands PermRep)
Official Twitter account of Permanent Representation of the Netherlands to EU. Successor of @EU2016NL since 01/07. Follow us for news & updates.
8.avatar Netherlands at UN
NLatUN (Netherlands at UN)
The Permanent Mission of the #Kingdom of the #Netherlands to the #UnitedNations in New York
9.avatar Dutch Consulate NYC
NLinNY (Dutch Consulate NYC)
Netherlands Consulate NYC tweets #Dutch news, #trade & #culture in NE USA I FB: I Follow @DolphHogewoning @DutchCultureUSA @NLintheUSA
10.avatar Planetary Security🌍
Planetary_Sec (Planetary Security🌍)
Latest news from the Institute for Planetary Security. Tweets by Alexander Verbeek, @alex_verbeek
11.avatar NL in Japan
NLinJapan (NL in Japan)
駐日オランダ王国大使館・オランダ総領事館のツィッターアカウントへようこそ! Tweets from Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo and the Consulate-General in Osaka
12.avatar Robert Schuddeboom
rschuddeboom (Robert Schuddeboom)
Dutch Consul General in Istanbul (since 2013). Ambassador Economic Diplomacy, Consul General in Hong Kong and Ambassador in Riga. This summer to Kinshasa.
13.avatar 24/7 BZ
247BZ (24/7 BZ)
@MinBZ over reisadviezen en consulaire zaken. Wat je van ons kunt verwachten: 24/7 telefonisch bereikbaar via +31 247 247 247
14.avatar PJ Kleiweg
PJKleiweg (PJ Kleiweg)
Deputy Director General for Political Affairs / Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs #MinBZ - security - football - Africa - #Kebetu - tweets in 🇳🇱🇬🇧🇫🇷
15.avatar Dutch Embassy London
NLinUK (Dutch Embassy London)
We're the Embassy of the Kingdom of the #Netherlands in the UK. Follow us for all things #Dutch! 🇳🇱 Facebook: DutchEmbassyUK Ambassador Simon Smits: @sjhsmits
16.avatar Gerda Verburg
GerdaVerburg (Gerda Verburg)
UN-Assistant Secretary General, Scaling Up Nutrition Movement Coordinator. @SUN_movement.
17.avatar Netherlands in SA
NLinSouthAfrica (Netherlands in SA)
The Kingdom of The Netherlands in SA | News about SA & NL interests in Water, Energy,Agri,Culture,Human Rights,Peace & Justice also via our campaign @cocreateSA
18.avatar NSS2014
NSS2014 (NSS2014)
The official twitter account of the Nuclear Security Summit 2014, 24-25 March 2014 in The Hague. Tweets in Dutch and English.
19.avatar Dutch CG Cape Town
HorbachBonnie (Dutch CG Cape Town)
#Dutch & #SA partnerships for #sustainable solutions to local challenges | @cocreateSA #CapeTown #entrepreneurs #innovation #spokenword
20.avatar Mirjam Tjassing
mirtjas (Mirjam Tjassing)
Je travaille à l'Ambassade du Royaume des Pays-Bas au Mali. Mes tweets sont à titre personnel. RT = impressions #minbuza #MSMPB #paysbasmali
21.avatar Rawan Da'as
RawanDaas (Rawan Da'as)
Into #Development & #HumanRights| Passionate about Art,Social Innovation & Sustainability| Traveler| Street Photographer| *Tweets reflect my views only
22.avatar Dutch Culture USA
DutchCultureUSA (Dutch Culture USA)
Featuring and announcing Dutch art and culture across the U.S. Provided by the Press & Cultural Department of the Netherlands Consulate in New York
23.avatar YvettevEechoud
YvettevEechoud (YvettevEechoud)
Director European and International Affairs at Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands. Connecting people & dots.
24.avatar NLAmbassadorSArabia
JoostReintjes (NLAmbassadorSArabia)
Netherlands Ambassador in #Riyadh. Tweets about #NL and #Saudi Arabia يوست رينتشيس، سفير هولندا في الرياض. أكتب تغريدات عن هولندا والمملكة العربية السعودية
25.avatar NL Embassy in Ghana
NLinGhana (NL Embassy in Ghana)
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ghana. Also for Liberia, Sierra Leone and Togo.
26.avatar Hans Docter
hansdocter (Hans Docter)
#investeren in duurzaam ondernemen werkt @minBZ / sustainable business is good business @DutchMFA invests in #jobs & #sustainablegrowth in emerging economies
27.avatar NL Embassy Indonesia
NLinIndonesia (NL Embassy Indonesia)
Tweets about news related to Dutch interests in Indonesia. Ambassador: @RobSwartbol Deputy Head of Mission and Minister Plenipotentiary: @FerdinandLahn
28.avatar Gerbert Kunst
NLinSF (Gerbert Kunst)
Netherlands Consul General in San Francisco. Married to Margriet, father of 4. Ask me questions on tech, innovation and trade in 13 western states. @NLintheUSA
29.avatar NL Ambassador Kenya
FMakken (NL Ambassador Kenya)
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Kenya, Somalia and Seychelles. Tweets about the work of the Embassy and related issues. RT ≠ endorsement
30.avatar Matthijs van Bonzel
MatthijsvBonzel (Matthijs van Bonzel)
Dutch Ambassador to Spain. Before: Romania&Moldova; CostaRica/Panama/ElSalvador/Honduras,Tokyo,Berlin,EU/Brussels,Maastricht, AnnArbor,Utrecht.
31.avatar Dutch Embassy Panama
NLinPanama (Dutch Embassy Panama)
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the #Netherlands in #Panama | #water | #maritime | #logistics | #sustainability | #innovation | Panamá y #Holanda socios evidentes
32.avatar NL Ambassador Kabul
leeuwengew (NL Ambassador Kabul)
Ambassador of the Netherlands to Afghanistan. Tweets about activities Dutch Embassy, Security&Development Afghanistan, Dutch Foreign Policy #minbz
33.avatar Dutch Embassy
NLinAustralia (Dutch Embassy)
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Australia tweets about anything newsworthy related to Dutch interests in Australia. Ambassador @ericaschoutennl
34.avatar NL Ambassade France
NLenFrance (NL Ambassade France)
L’ambassade des #PaysBas en France tweete sur des sujets économiques et politiques franco-néerlandais #NLFR
35.avatar Renée Jones-Bos
RJonesBos (Renée Jones-Bos)
NL ambassadeur in Moskou
36.avatar NL Ambassador Egypt
Gerard_Steeghs (NL Ambassador Egypt)
Netherlands Ambassador Gerard Steeghs, in Cairo since 17 August, 2012. Providing diplomatic snapshots about life and work in Egypt.
37.avatar Jaap Frederiks4110752903
38.avatar NL Foreign Strategy
ForeignStrategy (NL Foreign Strategy)
We are the #Strategy Advisory Unit (ESA) of the Dutch Ministry of #ForeignAffairs. Tweets are what we read and keeps us thinking, NOT endorsements.
39.avatar Fons Stoelinga
FonsStoelinga (Fons Stoelinga)
Dutch Ambassador to India, Nepal and Bhutan
40.avatar DutchEmbassy Skopje
NLinMacedonia (DutchEmbassy Skopje)
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Leninova 69-71 1000 Skopje, Macedonia tel +389 (0)2 3109250 fax +389 (0)2 3129309 Email
41.avatar Bart van Zwieten
BartvanZwieten (Bart van Zwieten)
Political, Public Diplomacy & Cultural Counselor, #Netherlands Embassy #Brasilia. Tweets about #Brazil, #Mexico, #Central/#Latin America, #Rotterdam, #Feyenoord
42.avatar Alphons Hennekens.
AHennekens (Alphons Hennekens.)
retired diplomat, working experience in Africa, (West, Horn and Great Lakes ), Asia, (East, South and West), Eastern Caribbean and the Netherlands.
43.avatar Bahia Tahzib-Lie
BTahzibLie (Bahia Tahzib-Lie)
بهیّة تهذیب-لي | Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Qatar | Embassy @NLinQatar = gateway to vibrant 🇳🇱 & 🇶🇦 ties
44.avatar NL Mission in Geneva
NLinGeneva (NL Mission in Geneva)
We represent the Kingdom of the Netherlands to various international organisations in Geneva. 🇳🇱🇨🇼🇦🇼🇸🇽
45.avatar NL 🇳🇱 ambassadeurs
NLambassadeurs (NL 🇳🇱 ambassadeurs)
Via dit account houden we u op de hoogte van activiteiten van Nederlandse ambassadeurs wereldwijd. Volg ook @MinBZ
46.avatar NL ambassador SA
marisagerards (NL ambassador SA)
Ambassador of the Netherlands to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland. #CocreateSA & #OrangeCorners initiatives of @NLinSouthAfrica Connect!
47.avatar Embajada PaísesBajos
NLinMexico (Embajada PaísesBajos)
Official Twitter account of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Mexico. Follow our activities, news and more! #Energy #Infrastructure #Agriculture #HumanRights
48.avatar AlexKofman
Alex__Kofman (AlexKofman)
Dutch Diplomat | @NLinCostaRica | #Holanda *Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands* | #OrangePlaza |
49.avatar NL Ambassador32707891648
50.avatar DG Development&Aid
ChrRebergen (DG Development&Aid)
Director General for International Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
51.avatar LeoniCuelenaere
NLDhaka (LeoniCuelenaere)
Leoni Cuelenaere Ambassador
52.avatar Jaime deBourbonParme
jaimedebourbon (Jaime deBourbonParme)
Ambassador of the Netherlands to the Holy See (Vatican). Peace | Climate | Economic Development | Natural Resources | Fair Trade | Geopolitics | Human Rights
53.avatar Lidi Remmelzwaal
LidiRemmelzwaal (Lidi Remmelzwaal)
NL Head of Mission to Jordan, former Amb to #Ethiopia #Djibouti #AfricanUnion #Ghana #Mocambique , RT = NO endorsement
54.avatar Jos Douma
Jos_Douma (Jos Douma)
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Georgia and to the Republic of Armenia, based in Tbilisi.
55.avatar Hester Somsen
HesterSomsen (Hester Somsen)
Former Netherlands Ambassador to Lebanon| Director Security Policy Affairs NL MOFA| tweets on security, stability, refugees, innovation and design
56.avatar NL Embassy Bangkok
NLinThailand (NL Embassy Bangkok)
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bangkok, providing economic, business & political briefs on Thailand, Cambodia and Laos
57.avatar LaetitiavandenAssum
lvandenassum (LaetitiavandenAssum)
Diplomat, Dutch, Advisory Commission Rakhine state, Myanmar. Previously ambassador to UK, Mexico, East Africa, South Africa, SE Asia. UN affairs. RT≠endorsment.
58.avatar NL Global Issues
IGG_NL (NL Global Issues)
Inclusive Green Growth Department (IGG) of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tweets about our work (in English & Dutch) and relevant subjects #minbz
59.avatar Robbert Morée
RobbertMoree (Robbert Morée)
International water policy| I&M | VVD | Gemeenteraad | Zoetermeer | Classic cars | Gezin | Ambtenaar | Detectives | Volvo/Jaguar/Saab | photographer @cinecars
60.avatar aldrik gierveld
aldrikg (aldrik gierveld)
Dir Europees Landbouw & Visserijbeleid & Voedselzekerheid, Plv DG Agro & Natuur in Den Haag. Werkte eerder Voor Nederland in Boedapest, Rome, Brussel, Sana'a.
61.avatar Paul Frank
frankpaul (Paul Frank)
Online & social media strategie | Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs 🇳🇱 | #ediplomacy | #digitaldiplomacy | government communication | #minbz
62.avatar Susan Blankhart
susanblankhart (Susan Blankhart)
Chargée d'Affaires #Thailand. Former #Netherlands Ambassador to #Sudan, #Egypt, #CostaRica #SriLanka. #womenrights. About what I do, see, think & hear.
63.avatar Marcel de Vink
MarceldeVink (Marcel de Vink)
Director Western Hemisphere department @DutchMFA / @minbz #Netherlands #KingdomNL. Tweets about : #Netherlands #Americas and #foreignpolicy
64.avatar NL Consulate Miami
NLinMiami (NL Consulate Miami)
The Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Miami. Representing the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Southeastern USA. Also follow @NLintheUSA
65.avatar NLAmb in Bucharest
StellaRonner (NLAmb in Bucharest)
Retweets ≠ endorsement
66.avatar Monique van Daalen
MoniquevDaalen (Monique van Daalen)
Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Nations , WTO & other international organisations /Représentant Permanent auprès l'ONU
67.avatar Marcel Beukeboom
MBeukeboom (Marcel Beukeboom)
Climate Envoy the Netherlands. #minienm #minbuza #sustainability #food #nutrition #climate #agriculture #energy #water
68.avatar Marriet Schuurman
MarrietS (Marriet Schuurman)
NATO Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security - Formerly in Macedonia, Sudan, Great Lakes, Zambia, Kosovo, Russia/ RT does not mean endorsement
69.avatar NL Embassy Beijing
NLinChina (NL Embassy Beijing)
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China
70.avatar CG Istanbul
NLinIstanbul (CG Istanbul)
Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Istanbul | Consul @rschuddeboom | Tweets about the Dutch initiatives & interests in Istanbul
71.avatar fasol
fasol (fasol)
blogt op | genealogie | topografie | oude boekdrukken
72.avatar Han Peters
HanPetersBrasil (Han Peters)
Dutch ambassador to #Brazil. Globetrotter & problem solver. Off the beaten track. Passionate about language and art. Love to work in Brazil. @NLinBrasil
73.avatar NL Ambassador OECD
noevanhulst (NL Ambassador OECD)
Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to OECD & Chairman of Governing Board IEA in Paris #OECD #IEA @NLmissionOECD
74.avatar Dutch Embassy Uganda
NLinUganda (Dutch Embassy Uganda)
Official tweets by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kampala, Uganda | |
75.avatar Andre Haspels
AndreHaspels (Andre Haspels)
Director General Political Affairs MFA NL #politics #europe #running #stay positive!
76.avatar NL ambassador Tirana
dewivandeweerd (NL ambassador Tirana)
Netherlands ambassador to Albania #greengrowth, #humanrights, #dutchdesign, mum of 3. Before in The Hague, Beijing & Paris.
77.avatar NL in Jordan
NLinJordan (NL in Jordan)
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jordan tweets about issues and activities of common interest between the Netherlands and Jordan
78.avatar Wouter Plomp
NLAmbPlomp (Wouter Plomp)
Dutch Ambassador to Macedonia, making connections between 🇳🇱🇲🇰 #diplomacy #business #culture #politics #humanrights #gender #environment #cycling #mountains
79.avatar richard van rijssen
rvanrijssen (richard van rijssen)
Since 1979 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was Ambassador in #Slovakia, before Ambassador in Oslo, Minister in Washington. currently special assignments.
80.avatar Koen Davidse
koendavidse (Koen Davidse)
DSRSG Mission ONU Minusma
81.avatar NLPermRepNATO
MdeKwaasteniet (NLPermRepNATO)
Netherlands Permanent Representative to NATO, tweeting on #NATO, #NLinNATO and international affairs (from September 2013).
82.avatar Netherlands inCanada
NLinCanada (Netherlands inCanada)
This is the Twitter page of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ottawa and the Consulates General in Toronto and in Vancouver.
83.avatar Nathalie Olijslager
nathalieolij (Nathalie Olijslager)
DPR #minbuza #sustainability #digitaldiplomacy.
84.avatar NL Embassy Ethiopia
NLinEthiopia (NL Embassy Ethiopia)
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ethiopia | @DutchMFA | #NLinETH | #fsenl
85.avatar Arjen Uijterlinde
arjenuijterlind (Arjen Uijterlinde)
Ambassador for International Cultural Cooperation @DutchMFA @MinOCW @Dutchculture #culture #heritage #arts #innovation #creativeindustries #KingdomNL 🇳🇱🎻🎨🎭
86.avatar Rick Slettenhaar
RSlettenhaar (Rick Slettenhaar)
Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs 🇳🇱 | Defence, Security, Disarmament, Non-Proliferation | #minbuza | All usual disclaimers apply
87.avatar Tony Agotha
TonyAgotha (Tony Agotha)
Red Sox, Jazz, US, Holland, Hungary and diplomacy in my genes. All tweets reflect my personal opinion, and retweets ≠ endorsements.
88.avatar Holanda no Brasil
NLinBrasil (Holanda no Brasil)
🇧🇷🇳🇱 Twitter da rede diplomática dos #PaísesBaixos no Brasil. Orgulhosos dos laços centenários, sempre inovando na parceria #HolandanoBrasil
89.avatar Jan Willem
jwvcapelleveen (Jan Willem)
JWvC van - de site over nieuwe werkconcepten inclusief interviews met professionals over efficiënt en slimmer samenwerken.
90.avatar NL Embajada Colombia
NLinColombia (NL Embajada Colombia)
Official Twitter account of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Colombia | Tweets from CdP are sent by Ambassador Jeroen Roodenburg
91.avatar Marnix Segers
MarnixSegers (Marnix Segers)
Diplomat, Regional Economic Envoy #KSA #UAE #Qatar #Kuwait #Oman #Bahrain. Based in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. Business Development @MinBZ
92.avatar Carola vanRijnsoever
CvanRijnsoever (Carola vanRijnsoever)
Director #climate, #water, #foodsecurity, #energy, #rawmaterials, #polar @DutchMFA| Amb for Sustainable Development| tweets on development coop & foreign policy
93.avatar Peter Laanen
TheTrueDutchman (Peter Laanen)
Founder of Laanen - The Brand
94.avatar NLAmbassadeur Maputo
PMGrotenhuis (NLAmbassadeur Maputo)
Ambassador of the Netherlands 🇳🇱 to Mozambique 🇲🇿 tweeting about events, developments and issues related to Mozambique and the Netherlands #MinBz
95.avatar Bea ten Tusscher
beatentusscher (Bea ten Tusscher)
In transfer from Olso to Sofia - Next assignment: #NL Ambassador in #Bulgaria
96.avatar rowingambassadorEddy
eddymiddeldorp (rowingambassadorEddy)
Tweeting about international politics, #diplomacy, #rowing and whatever strikes me
97.avatar Rob de Vos
RobGdeVos (Rob de Vos)
Working at the Min.of Foreign Affairs, the Hague; on knowledge diplomacy; Head Strategy Advisory Unit
98.avatar سفير هولندا في ليبيا
NLambLib (سفير هولندا في ليبيا)
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands @DutchMFA to Libya | Working with Libyans on a more stable, prosperous and united Libya.
99.avatar Chef DAO
peterpotman (Chef DAO)
Director Asian and Pacific Affairs Department, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, co-shaping Dutch Asia policy @minbz, #asia #oceania
100.avatar NL Embassy Belgrade
NLinBelgrade (NL Embassy Belgrade)
Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade providing news related to the Dutch interests in Serbia and in Montenegro.