Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

Social Media Atlas

About this Social Media Atlas

This Social Media Atlas, produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, lists two types of account:

  • accounts that come under the responsibility of the Ministry, such as those of embassies, consulates-general, departments, project groups, ambassadors, consuls-general, senior managers and ministers. Every attempt is made to give a full overview of these accounts;
  • personal accounts belonging to individual Ministry staff members. Many people working for the Ministry are active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other forums. The Social Media Atlas only includes personal accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn. Staff members are free to decide whether to have their accounts included in the lists on this website.

What is the purpose of this Social Media Atlas?

In an online world where the relationships between the government and citizens are constantly changing and people use social media to communicate, mobilise, obtain information, and inspire and influence others, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is keen to have a place of its own.

Modern diplomacy calls for a different way of communicating, for involvement, dialogue and contact. People are connected all over the world: they want to discuss and think along with others. They are self-reliant and vocal. Social media are becoming standard forums for determining policy and public diplomacy abroad. Social media allow embassies, departments and staff to show what the Ministry stands for and what part they play themselves. Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other forums make it easier for people to get in contact with the Ministry's embassies and staff. This website shows where the Netherlands is represented online throughout the world.